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The Polish Table

The installation is a reflection of the Pavilion’s motto, “Poland. Creativity inspired by nature.”

Turn your voice into light

“A visitor who comes to the pavilion, walks up to the Polish Table, speaks into the microphone, greets to other people standing at the table. Microphone reacts and starts to light up to the appropriate animation of LEDs.”

Arkadiusz Ejsak, owner and founder of the company EJSAK Group


“The emotions I had inside me went straight down into material. The result of this was that I simply cried.”

Marta Małoszyc, Shape designer at Zakłady Ceramiczne Bolesławiec Sp. z o.o.

Stories from the Polish Table — Ceramics


“The process of blowing glass is very fast and dynamic and everything changes in a second.”

Agnieszka Bar, creator of the glass module in the installation "Polish Table"

Stories from the Polish Table – Glass

Copper and silver

“The concept of Zieta Studio modules refers also to the KGHM company, a Polish multinational corporation located in Lower Silesia, which is the largest silver mine in the world.”

Oskar Zięta, Creator of the special module in the installation "Polish Table"

Stories from the Polish Table — Copper and silver


“Species used in these modules are telling individual and political stories: about the species migration of trees, about unjustified logging in Polish nature reserves, or the disappearing craft techniques.”

Maciej Siuda, creator of the special module in the installation "The Polish Table".

Stories from the Polish Table — Wood


“When we look at a finished yacht, we see a beautiful sculpture, but when we remove this plane, we see exactly what we see in our module.”

Mikołaj Król, chairman & CEO of Conrad Shipyard

Stories from the Polish Table — Steel


“We are bringing industry and hard technology to work, in order to provide a certain value that is important for all of us. It is related to sustainable development. And this is what the whole Polish Table is really about.“

Mateusz Wolski, President of the Board of PIAP Space

Stories from the Polish Table — Aluminium

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