Spirit of ingenuity

Polish successes stories in successes in business, science, culture and tourism.

Artifacts. Ideas in use

A new generation of creators has emerged.

They understand there has been a change in the way people work, learn, enjoy culture, and most importantly organize their private lives. They consciously approach the use of natural resources, rely on sustainable processes and a circular economy. Some focus on respect for tradition, craftsmanship and locality, while others embrace the challenges of the future and a technology-driven lifestyle.

Design, fashion and crafts

Polish design is the combination of good quality products, ingenuity in design and the use of modern technologies

Nature & Wellbeing

Created with respect for nature, tradition and human well-being.

Science, technology, innovation

Culture and entertainment

"Contemporary Polish illustration is an area where we had some really great accomplishment and where we excel great."


Advanced manufacturing and craftsmanship

Strategic sectors

Get to know Poland’s fastest-growing sectors

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