Podlaskie Region

Artur Kosicki
Marshal of the Podlaskie Region

The participation of the Podlaskie Region in the World Exhibition is, above all, an opportunity to present innovative ideas that are embedded in Podlasie’s reality. Our presence at the Expo in Dubai is also an opportunity to promote industries that are ambassadors of the Podlasie economy, such as wooden furniture, yachts, metal machinery, food and the dynamically-developing IT industry. I believe that our entrepreneurs will establish new business contacts that will allow them to increase their presence on foreign markets and promote our economy. I am very glad that, thanks to the efforts of the Provincial Government and our academic community, the national pavilion, Poland’s showpiece in Dubai, can play another extremely important role after fulfilling its mission during Expo. I am convinced that the XYLOPOLIS Centre of Wood Art and Science which is planned to be built, has the chance to be located in Bialystok, in an exact copy of the Poland Pavilion. This will be another important step in the development of science and technology and a showpiece of our region.

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