Podkarpackie Region

Władysław Ortyl
Marshal of the Podkarpackie Region

Promotion is a very important element for the local government of the Podkarpackie Region. Hence, we decided to join the Expo 2020 Dubai project. During this, the largest event of its type in the world, we want to show our opportunities and advantages as one of the most innovative regions in the country. We are the only region to choose ”Aviation and Cosmonautics” as one of our smart specializations. This had to be so, since almost 90% of this industry in Poland is concentrated in our Region. The figure of Ignacy Łukasiewicz will be the main theme of our exhibition. Expo’s motto, “Connecting minds, Creating the future”, describes him perfectly. Participation in Expo 2020 is a great honour, challenge and commitment for us. I would like to thank the Polish Government and the Polish Investment and Trade Agency for the opportunity to be involved in such interesting cooperation at the World Exhibition Expo 2020 Dubai.

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