Fashion show

January 19, 2022
Starting at: 17:50, 20:20
Duration: 0:20 hour
Polish Pavilion

Fashion show by Natalia Ślizowska – Polish designer from Lubuskie Region, collection inspired by nature.

The exhibition of Lubuskie Region includes also special fashion show by Natalia Ślizowska, who says about her collection: "Being present at such a unique event is an opportunity to invite a wide audience to the world of art, where the most important role is played by the inspiration of nature and its face in various interpretations of artists. Especially for this occasion I create a collection of unique clothing inspired by nature of my region - Lubuskie, as well as I create an arrangement for a series of innovative fashion shows. Authorial solutions of exposing my projects are for me a kind of performative art, where I simultaneously combine many means of expression such as clothing, sculpture, stage movement, sounds, artistic installations, as well as adaptation in space-time”.

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