Artistic performances

February 10–16, 2022
Starting at: 14:00, 20:00
Duration: 0:45 hour
Polish Pavilion
cultural, for kids

The Sztukmistrze Foundation presents street show “Bee Collective”.

"Bee Collective" is a show in the visual style of street art culture (hip-hop, street dance, etc.) and colors: orange, yellow, black and white. The main inspiration for the production of the show is the collective nature of the beehive organization - individual units work together to achieve one, larger goal.

The idea of cooperation and the bee leitmotiv refers directly to the Lublin concept of the exhibition in the Poland Pavilion and the Lublin bee "mascot” at Expo. The main attraction of the "Bee Collective" is a diverse artistic program based on newly circus fields: juggling, optical illusion, acrobatics and acrobatics . It is a stage and street spectacle, with a universal format that allows the performance to be presented both outdoors and indoors.

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