Robotics Academy

February 10–16, 2022
Starting at: 16:00, 17:00
Duration: 0:45 hour
Polish Pavilion
scientific, for kids

The FRC 5883 Spice Gears team workshop is based on interactive work with LEGO® SPIKE PRIME sets.

It aims at intellectual (math, computer science) and personal (group work, self-presentation) development through fun and healthy competition. During the classes we will present how to successfully build and program an autonomous robot whose task is to perform specific tasks.

The second element of the FRC 5883 Spice Gears team workshop is the presentation of robots participating in the international FIRST program. The program aims to encourage young people to develop technically and artistically based on imagination, STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics. We will try to answer all questions of the participants, passing on the experience we gain during the process of creating a robot and participating in various competitions.

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