Exhibition by the Silesian Region

January 27 – February 2, 2022
Polish Pavilion
business, cultural, scientific, for kids

“Silesia: Land of Opportunity”

The region will be presented through the prism of the strength of opportunities, which on the one hand is visible in the changes, transformation and innovation of the Śląskie Region, and on the other hand, the possibility of using the potential and taking advantage of the region's economic, tourist and cultural achievements. It is a place where progress and development coexist with tradition and history. The rich and original culture formed over the centuries, perfectly harmonizes with the strong identity of the region's inhabitants.

The presentation of Silesia is based on the power of innovative entrepreneurship and green technologies in several leading themes, consistent with the leading themes of the Expo: future and sustainable development, development of renewable energy, preserving tradition in a modern form (design, crafts, regional products, artists) and the power of innovation in medicine and new technologies.

As part of the presentation of the region, the following activities will be organized: performances of the Śląsk Song and Dance Ensemble, dance workshops, Koniaków lace fashion shows, lace slotting shows, culinary tastings of Silesian products, workshops and games for children.

Main activities

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