Exhibition by the Lubuskie Region: “Lubuskie – Naturally Modern”

January 17–23, 2022
Polish Pavilion
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Temporary exhibition by the Lubuskie Region: “Lubuskie — Naturally Modern”.

The natural wealth of the Lubuskie region fits perfectly into the idea of the Polish Pavilion.

Lubuskie will present an original exposition about vines and wine traditions. The whole concept for the exhibition was created in stages and is the result of cooperation between the Marshal's Office and the Institute of Visual Arts, Faculty of Art at the University of Zielona Góra, and commissioned to the Interior Design Studio of ISW UZ. The idea of the exhibition arrangement is to move visitors to a separate, tranquil world and to intrigue them with the history of winemaking and landscapes of Lubuskie, waving ribbons of hills and vineyards. The path led inside weaves like a ribbon of a river, creating an atmosphere of undulating landscape forms made of cozy acoustic hardened felts. The arrangement includes walls and vertical niches with LED image displays. Visitors will also stop at information about the Lubuskie Province, including its geographical location in relation to Poland, Europe and the world. In individual 11 niches artistic works - photographs will be displayed. The concept of the arrangement is to lead the path to the multimedia zone - a relaxation zone, where a multimedia projection will be displayed, concerning the history, tradition and impression of the Lubusian vineyards landscape - harmonizing with the main theme of the exposition.  An additional aspect, important from the point of view of the global outlook on ecology, and at the same time an element complementing the region's exposition will be furniture - design works made by students of the University of Zielona Góra, and made by redesigning from recycled materials.

The intention of the authors was to achieve a valuable effect in terms of both artistic and visual aspects, while engaging in an unconventional language of storytelling.

The exhibition of Lubuskie Region includes also special fashion show by Natalia Ślizowska, who says about her collection: "Being present at such a unique event is an opportunity to invite a wide audience to the world of art, where the most important role is played by the inspiration of nature and its face in various interpretations of artists. Especially for this occasion I create a collection of unique clothing inspired by nature of my region - Lubuskie, as well as I create an arrangement for a series of innovative fashion shows. Authorial solutions of exposing my projects are for me a kind of performative art, where I simultaneously combine many means of expression such as clothing, sculpture, stage movement, sounds, artistic installations, as well as adaptation in space-time."

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